Wonder Woman Movie Director has an Offer
Warner Bros. have already made an offer to a female director for the Wonder Woman movie, we just don’t know who… The Wonder Woman movie is going to be here on June 23rd, 2017. It has a star in...
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Total Film October 2014 Scan
We have  added a scan from Total Film October 2014 that features Gal as Wonder Woman. Total Film published an article called “The Dawn of DC” about the heroes of the DC universe, and brought an analytical study of the...
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Wonder Woman Will Be Set In 1920s and World War 2
Gal Gadot will star following her debut as the Princess Diana of Themyscira in 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but new reports have suggested it will be a drastically different kind of film. Dawn of Justice is...
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Gal Gadot drops out of Ben Hur movie
The Israeli actress’ commitment to playing Wonder Woman proved to be a scheduling conflict Gal Gadot’s commitment to Wonder Woman has forced her to pass on Timur Bekmambetov‘s remake of “Ben-Hur,” which is being mounted by Paramount and MGM,...
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Asfur (TV Show) Screencaps
We have added x427 screencaps of Gal in the Israeli TV Show Asfur where she played Kika in season two which began airing on October 17, 2011. Its title, which means “bird” in Arabic, is the main protagonist’s “good luck bird” his late...
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Castro TV Advert
We have added x108 screencaps of Gal in the TV/Online Advert for Castro to the gallery …
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Fast & Furious Screencaps
We can’t have a complete gallery without the Fast & Furious Screencaps, so we have added all shots of Gal from all three films to the gallery … (careful of spoilers for those that haven’t seen the films!) enjoy!
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Wonder Woman Origin Confirmed
For months now, there has been talk how Zack Snyder will explain the origins of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman. How would fans accept her supernatural powers, without an origin story? Would her powers be tied into those of Superman?...
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