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admin / January 26th, 2020   Ads & Campaigns,BOSS Zhipin,New Photos,Photoshoot

At a press conference that took place on January 15, China’s best-known recruitment platform, BOSS Zhipin, announced its newest spokespersons: Israeli actress Gal Gadot and Chinese actress Liu Tao. The actresses also received the position of chiefs of happiness for workers.

The company’s marketing director, Chen Xu, said Gal Gadot and Liu Tao are very inspiring professionals, as both are “self-confident, persistent and full of passion.” According to BOSS Zhipin, Gal Gadot had the courage to break up with you and tell everyone, through her personal experience, that when she encounters difficulties, she does not give up easily. “It is because of the persistence and hard work that she has created, today, a different Wonder Woman.

Chen Xu said these three characteristics are the epitome of a new generation of professionals and why the company chose Gal Gadot as one of its spokespersons. The company hopes that, through this partnership with Gal Gadot, young people will choose their preferred work partners, as “happy work, happy life”.

In addition to print advertisements launched in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Wuhan and other major cities, commercials will also be launched during the Spring Festival on various channels, local TV networks and cinemas.

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