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admin / January 26th, 2020   Articles & Interviews,Gal Gadot


Gal Gadot sits on a pristine white couch in a Manhattan hotel suite, ready to greet an endless line of journalists. Despite the below-zero temperature outside, Gadot looks ready for summer in a sleeveless jumpsuit in a brilliant shade of blue.

Last week, Coca-Cola announced that the 34-year-old actress would serve as the new face of Smartwater. The move marks the end of an era, with Gadot replacing long-standing brand ambassador Jennifer Aniston after nearly 12 years.

It’s a big investment for the brand, but if there’s anyone who can deliver results, it’s Wonder Woman.

“Gal elevates the meaning of strength, beauty and balance on and off screen by bringing to life the smart, modern and innovative ethos of the brand,” Celina Li, VP, Water, Coca-Cola North America said in a press release.

Less than 24 hours after the announcement, I arrived in New York via Toronto for a Yahoo Canada exclusive, scoring the only international interview with Gadot. Waiting in the lobby of the Four Seasons Hotel, I bide my time by preparing for our meeting. Smooth jazz plays softly in the background as obedient staff trail guests spouting off a list of demands while carrying handbags that cost more than my mortgage.

I’m ushered by whispering staff down a long hallway in a hotel suite, not unlike that foreboding scene in “Goodfellas.”

“She’s right down there,” a woman says softly. “Yes, just keep going, she’s right down there.”

Instead of meeting an untimely fate à la Lorraine Bracco, I’m welcomed by Gadot and invited to sit down for what will be her last interview of the day.

At 5’10”, Gadot towers over the rest of the women in the room. The former beauty queen and Israeli soldier possesses a disarming beauty and confidence, with a warmth that somehow removes any feelings of intimidation one may have in her presence.

Gadot speaks slowly and articulately, deliberately choosing her words with her trademark euphonious accent. Aside from discussing her latest partnership, I learn very quickly that Gadot is not your typical Hollywood actress yearning for the spotlight—she’s a woman determined to alter the landscape of women in film.